Ian Grant Armstrong




Ian Grant Armstrong is not a jellyfish.  Sometimes people think that a polymath is a kind of jellyfish, but Ian is not one of those.  He is a photographer, writer, and mixed media artist from Santa Fé, New Mexico.  He’s very particular about the rituals surrounding showers and coffee, and markedly less concerned with the conventional keeping of meal and sleeping schedules.


He excels at both the Dad-most of pun battles and blackest of humour, but is less seasoned at writing about himself in the third person and so has outsourced the labour for this task and is probably embarrassed by the results.  He has soft hair and an indiscernible accent from a lifetime of traveling and living abroad.  If you ask him what he does, he’ll probably make up something silly as an attempt to avoid talking about himself.  A bit of advice for engaging with Ian: most of the time, although it may be tonally subtle, he is in fact being silly.


Ian lives in his head and sleeps (most of the time) in San Francisco, California.